Transform your teaching into success!

You are not alone...

Teaching classes is challenging. Few faculty in higher education are trained in teaching, despite the fact that the majority of us teach classes every year. Few universities base tenure decisions on teaching, either.

Allow me to provide you the support for teaching that you deserve. Contact me to schedule your consultation today! The first 15 minutes are free, allowing us to customize your consultation to your needs.

What are your challenges?

  • Are you drowning in panicked student emails? Let's clarify your syllabus so students aren't confused. -> Syllabus

  • Are you tired of hearing yourself talk? Then your students probably are, too! We can work together to add active learning to your courses.  -> Improving Lecture Time

  • Are you feeling overwhelmed with grading? Let's re-examine your assignments and discuss efficient grading techniques to make the job more feasible. -> Grading

  • Are students returning work that doesn't meet your expectations? Let's use a research-driven approach to build more transparent assignments. -> Assignments

  • Are you printing whole trees worth of papers for each class? Are students emailing to ask for more copies? Allow me to assist you in adding online support to your campus-based course. -> Online Support

  • Have you been asked to move your class partially or completely online? We can examine ways to make your online materials as clear and interactive as possible. -> Online Instruction

  • Have you been asked to assess your course or program for your institution and you have no clue where to start? Let's talk about how to get started with assessment and how to make it more useful than painful. -> Assessment

  • Are you new to your college or university and feeling unsupported? Allow me to be your cheerleader and impartial advisor. -> Faculty Support