About Dr. Nora Stevens

A teacher and scientific thinker from very early on, Nora has two degrees in Biology and a doctorate in Adult Education. She teaches classes in biology and anatomy/physiology at Portland Community College. Nora enjoys teaching and assisting others in improving their classrooms. She finds herself reading books and attending conferences on teaching for fun. Let Dr. Nora share her expertise and knack for problem-solving with you!


Dr. Nora Stevens

  • Over 15 years higher education teaching experience
  • Doctorate of Adult Education from Auburn University
  • Masters of Biology with Distinction from California Polytechnic State University
  • Quality Matters certified online peer reviewer
  • Member and Coach for Learning Assessment Council at Portland Community College
Nora was incredible at helping me develop my class for my first time teaching graduate students. I hated the idea of lecturing for hours on end. She helped me find a way to give the students practical skills they needed, while still covering the basics.
— Marc Andrews, LCSW