Getting Started with Assessment

How can you know if they are learning?...

Assessment is increasingly a required part of the educational landscape. We faculty not only need to know if our students are learning in individual classes but whether students are retaining that knowledge in the longer term. If you are trying to assess the quality of your course, program, or institution, let me assist in getting you or your department started.

Course assessment

How do you know if your students are learning anything? You have to assess them! Some faculty are worried they need another degree in educational assessment. It doesn't have to be so daunting. Let's work together to make assessment function for you rather than against you.

Program assessment

Are students coming to your class apparently missing knowledge they should have gotten in the last class? Let me assist in assessing your whole program. Aligning the curriculum can save faculty and students much time and energy.

Assessment for accreditation

Has your institution asked you to assess your course or program for institutional accreditation? Let me get you started on the process and make it more useful than difficult.

Photo by Thinkstock/Stockbyte / Getty Images
Photo by Thinkstock/Stockbyte / Getty Images

Want to get started?

Please contact me so we can determine how much time and support will be needed for your assessment project.