Support Your Class with Online Tools

Photo by Sam Edwards/OJO Images / Getty Images
Photo by Sam Edwards/OJO Images / Getty Images

Take advantage of Technology...

What if your students could always have access to the papers and websites they needed for class? They can! Let's work to support your class with all needed documents at the right time. If the students can easily find the documents they need, they are less likely to bother you with inconsequential questions.

You can also put timed class announcements in place so you need not remember to remind the students of deadlines; you simply update the dates for each term.

I have extensive experience with designing, delivering, and reviewing online courses and online supports for on-campus courses. Let's work together to make your students' out-of-class experience as good as their in-class experience.


Basic consultation package:

$250 for three hours + additional hours as needed at $80 per hour. Free 15-minute consultation to clarify your needs.
Contact Nora to schedule your consultation. We can work together over the phone, in person, or via videoconferencing.